Key environmental indicators

  • Atmospheric protection

  • Sustainable management of water resources

  • High recycling rate

  • Energy efficient production

NLMK Group is one of the most advanced steelmaking companies in the world in relation to the environment. NLMK is committed to consistent efforts to minimise its environmental impact and achieving best-in-class environmental performance.

1.46 bln

USD - investments in environmental projects

NLMK Group has invested about $1.5 billion in environmental projects. Despite almost doubling production and becoming the largest steelmaker in Russia, NLMK was able to significantly reduce its environmental impact by introducing state-of-the-art technology and working hard to upgrade equipment.

NLMK Group environmental investment, 2001-2017, A total of $1,46 billion

Atmospheric protection

NLMK Group has achieved an ongoing reduction in its air emissions. In 2016 the Group’s emission rate was down to 20.5 kg per tonne of steel, 7% below the base level for Strategy 2017 and two times lower than the emission rate in 2000.

This was possible thanks to a mix of management initiatives and capex projects: upgrades of production units, installation of dust and gas-cleaning units, installation and upgrade of filter equipment, introduction of immobilization and waste recovery technologies.

Decrease in NLMK Group emissions (kg/t of steel), 2007-2017. 

Sustainable management of water resources

NLMK Group is among the industry leaders when it comes to efficient water consumption and minimal discharges in its home regions, thanks to the advanced environmental technologies the Company employs.

Specific water consumption (per tonne of steel) has been consistently reduced and in 2017 reached 5.3 m3/t, which is below the BAT level of 7.0 m3 /t.

Decrease in NLMK Group water consumption (m³/t of steel), 2007-2017

High recycling rate

The use of modern waste treatment technologies and recycling initiatives enable efficient use of waste: the recycling rate at the NLMK Lipetsk is 89%, while it exceeds 75% at the Group’s other Russian steelmaking sites. The overall recycling rate across NLMK Group’s Russian operations in 2017 was 87%.

Recycling by NLMK Group Russian sites in % of generated waste

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