15 May 2012 NLMK Group

NLMK wins 1st place in Russian Webranking

NLMK Group’s corporate website ( won 1st place in the Russian KWD Webranking (King Worldwide), climbing four notches fr om 2010 to become best Russian company in online financial communications.

The Webranking study includes 950 websites in 40 countries whereof the 33 largest by market capitalisation in Russia. KWD Webranking has also ranked companies included in the Financial Times (FT) Europe 500 and the 100 largest companies in FT Global 500, as well as complementary country lists (a total of 749 companies in Europe).

About KWD

KWD is a division of King Worldwide – the leading global financial communications and stakeholder management company employing over 900 staff and serving more than 1,000 clients from offices in New York, Chicago, London, Stockholm, Madrid, Moscow, Dubai, Hong Kong and Taipei.

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The KWD Webranking survey (previously known as

H&H Webranking) is an international webranking study. It has been conducted by KWD in Russia since 2006, and was first launched in 1997. The study evaluates the English language version of corporate websites. Webranking is based on more than 500 responses to the KWD Webranking Questionnaires wh ere stakeholders inform of what they ask of corporate websites. Companies participating in Webranking are chosen by their market capitalization. Every website is evaluated by various stakeholders at least twice (potential winners – at least three times).

The KWD Webranking 2011-2012 protocol includes 120 criteria divided in 10 sections for a maximum score of 100 points. The most important for Webranking are sections of financial information, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and employer branding.


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