21 December 2018

NLMK shareholders approve Q3 2018 dividends and revised corporate documents

At the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting (EGM) held on 21 Decdember 2018, NLMK shareholders approved the payment of 3Q’18 dividends of RUB 6.04 per share.

The date upon which the shareholders entitled to 3Q’18 dividends will be determined was set as 9 January 2019.

9M’18 dividends will amount to RUB 17.01 per share.

The Shareholders’ Meeting also approved revised corporate documents (NLMK Charter, Regulations on NLMK’s General Shareholders’ Meeting, Regulations on NLMK’s Board of Directors, Regulations on NLMK’s Management Board, and Regulations on Remuneration of Members of NLMK’s Board of Directors). Regulations on NLMK’s Internal Audit Commission and Regulations on Remuneration and Compensation of Members of NLMK’s Internal Audit Commission were recognized as null and void, and the powers of members of the Internal Audit Commission were terminated.

The new versions of corporate documents have been brought in line with the requirements of amendments to corporate legislations, and take into account the development of the corporate risk management and internal control system at the Company.

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For more details on NLMK Group’s Dividend Policy, please visit our website.


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