7 September 2011 Новолипецкий металлургический комбинат

NLMK prepares launch of new BOF

NLMK announces the start up of a new 300 mtpa BOF at Novolipetsk (its main production site in Lipetsk). Together with other projects under NLMK’s Technical Upgrade Program, the new facility will boost Novolipetsk steelmaking capacity 36% to 12.4 mtpa.

The project, which is being carried out jointly with Siemens VAI (Austria) and Azovmash (Ukraine), is part of the Company’s ongoing capital expenditure program aimed at increasing low-cost BOF steel output at NLMK assets in Russia that have a captive raw material base. NLMK has already announced the successful commencement of hot testing at the new Blast Furnace No. 7 in Lipetsk. Hot testing for the Novolipetsk BOF No. 6 is planned to commence in September.

Over 8,000 tonnes of equipment and steel structures, partially manufactured by NLMK’s in-house machine-building unit, have been assembled. The new BOF will employ the latest technology to reduce the impact of metallurgical processes on the environment and has been equipped with a high-efficiency system for the collection and cleaning of fugitive emission generated during the charging and tapping. Two other BOFs will later be equipped with similar systems, reducing dust emissions at BOF Shop No. 2 by 77%.

Other activities aimed at ensuring the planned steel output growth are being carried out alongside the new BOF construction project: additional equipment is being installed and ladle preparation sections, slag and slab yards are being expanded. Investments into the projects have totaled c. RUR 14.8 bn (with VAT).

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The main objectives of Stage II of NLMK's Technical Upgrade Program (2007 to 2012) are:
- To increase steel output by 40% to 17.4 mtpa, including from 9 to 12.4 mtpa at the Lipetsk site;
- To develop secondary metallurgy: four ladle furnaces with a total capacity of c. 12 mtpa and a 4 mtpa twin-station RH-degasser are being constructed at the Lipetsk site to extend the Company’s product mix;
- To achieve maximum self-sufficiency in basic raw materials;
- To increase finished rolled products output through the revamping and construction of new facilities;
- To increase labor efficiency and improve environmental performance.


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