17 March 2010 NLMK Group

NLMK launches final stage of environmental project in steelmaking operations

Novolipetsk Steel has embarked on the final stage of reconstructing the gas exhaust ducts at BOF Shop No.1 - one of the key ecological projects at its main production site in Lipetsk. This is aimed at improving operational reliability and reducing the company’s environmental impact.

Advanced technical solutions, including a system for collecting secondary emissions during the charging and tapping processes, will reduce dust emissions by 59% and significantly improve working conditions in the BOF Shop.

This phased project, equipping each of the three BOFs with efficient aspiration systems fully compliant with all the latest environmental requirements, was launched in 2009. So far, two BOFs have been reconstructed and an aspiration system for the bulk materials supply tract installed. During the final reconstruction stage over 1,500 tonnes of steel structures will be assembled at BOF No. 3, its shell will be replaced and a new gas cleaning system will be put into operation over a 120-day period.

The total investment into upgrading the off-gas ducts at BOF Shop No. 1 will amount to over RUR 6.6 bn. The project is being implemented in cooperation with Siemens VAI as part of the second stage of NLMK’s Technical Upgrade Program. The reconstruction of the off-gas ducts is part of a project aimed at expanding the steelmaking capacity up to 12.4 mln tonnes at the main production site in Lipetsk, to be completed by BF-7 launch by 2012.

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NLMK has a consistent policy to control and reduce adverse environmental impacts. Last year the Company spent about RUR 4 bn on environmental protection projects implemented at its main production site in Lipetsk. This is the largest investment into the environmental program from the beginning of NLMK’s Technical Upgrade Plan implementation.


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