30 January 2008

NLMK invests over RUR1.5 billion in environmental activities

In 2007, investments in environmental projects at NLMK’s production site in Lipetsk exceeded RUR1.5 billion, including over RUR1 billion allocated to the construction and upgrade of environmental facilities, implementation of resource-saving and low-waste technologies.

The implementation of these environmental projects helped to reduce gross emissions by 8,000 tonnes (2.5%), decreased water withdrawal fr om the Voronezh river by 1.4 million m3 (2%), and diminished the discharge of water pollutants with industrial effluents by 0.7 thousand tonnes (7%) compared to the previous year. Accumulated waste shrank by 220,000 tonnes due to waste recycling.

In rolling production, obsolete GO electrical steel pickling lines were equipped with a set of modern chemical units for the recovery and recycling of hydrochloric acid. Resource-saving technologies were implemented at coke battery #2 and Blast Furnace #5 wh ere coke dry quenching dust-free charge unit s were installed. In the ferroalloy production facility gas cleaning plant was refurbished. Several units of the heat and power plant and water supply shop underwent major overhauls.

This year, NLMK will complete the upgrade of its process water supply system. Implementation of this project will allow effluent discharge into the Voronezh river to be reduced by 15 times, and river water consumption to be diminished by 4.5 times compared to 2007.

For reference:
As a result of NLMK’s environmental programmes, an index of air pollution in the city of Lipetsk fell from 25 points in 2000 to 8.3 points in 2007. Effluent water discharge was reduced by 26% and accumulated wastes decreased by 16% for the same period. As part of the 1st stage of the Technical upgrade program implementation (2000 - 2005), NLMK invested RUR3.4 billion in environmental activities. From 2007-201,1 the company plans to invest over RUR10 billion in environmental projects which form part of the 2nd Phase of the Technical upgrade programme. NLMK’s Environmental Management System was certified for compliance with the requirements of international standard ISO 14001-2004 and in 2007 the system passed compliance audit. The core strategic document in environment protection, adopted in 2005 - NLMK’s Environmental Policy – is available on the company’s It defines the NLMK’s objective to decrease the negative impact of the company’s production operations on the environment and create favorable living conditions for Lipetsk citizens.


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