22 August 2012 Новолипецкий металлургический комбинат

NLMK expands secondary treatment to add new steel grades

NLMK, the leading global steelmaking company, today announced that Novolipetsk, its main production site in Lipetsk, has commissioned a 2 mtpy ladle furnace (LF) to produce high-grade steels. This will enable NLMK to manufacture new types of high-quality rolled steels for use in the automotive, mechanical engineering and construction industries.

Novolipetsk has successfully completed guarantee tests at its 2 mtpy 160 tonne Ladle Furnace #1 (LF-1). With its facilities currently in operation, almost 100% of steel produced by NLMK undergoes secondary metallurgy treatment.

The commissioning of the LF will enable NLMK to expand its product mix, ensure the production of new flat products and commercial slabs with ultra low sulphur content (below 0.001-0.002%) and narrower alloying parameters, and improve quality by reducing the amount of non-metallic inclusions at the Lipetsk site. Ladle furnace treatment will be used for low-carbon, carbon, low-alloy, and electrical steels for use in the automotive, mechanical engineering and construction industries.

In April 2012, NLMK completed guarantee tests at Ladle Furnace #2 (LF-2) which has a similar capacity. The projects were carried out in cooperation with Siemens VAI (Austria) as part of Stage II of NLMK’s Technical Upgrade and Development Programme.

For reference:

The secondary metallurgy complex in Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) shops includes four ladle furnaces with a total capacity of 12 mtpy, ten ladle metallurgy units, 2 RH degassers with a capacity of 400,000 tpy in BOF Shop #1 and 4 mtpy in BOF Shop #2, commissioned in September 2011.

About NLMK:

NLMK is an international vertically-integrated steel-making company with production facilities located in Russia, Europe and the US. The liquid steel capacity of its operating unites exceeds 15mtpy. In 1H 2012, the Company generated US$6,351 million of revenues and a 16.2% EBITDA margin. The Company’s shares and GDSs are traded on the MICEX-RTS and LSE, respectively.


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