14 December 2009 Новолипецкий металлургический комбинат

NLMK begins a new environmental project in sinter production

Novolipetsk Steel has begun a new environmental protection project at its sinter plant, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of the main production facility in Lipetsk.

Environmental pollution will be reduced as a result of the advanced sintering process and the extra equipment implemented for sintered layer treatment. The equipment for all four machines will reduce the sinter plant’s carbon monoxide emissions by 10%.

In accordance with NLMK’s policy to control and reduce its environmental impact, the Company will begin to revamp the central dedusting systems of its sinter machines and gas cleaning plants, generating an 80% reduction in sinter dust emissions. Currently NLMK has already concluded an agreement with Alstom Power for the delivery of the equipment which has already started.

For reference:
In 2008, the sinter plant’s emissions exceeded 53% of NLMK’s total emissions. While NLMK’s sinter plant’s specific emissions are the lowest in Russia, the Company strives to further minimize its industrial impact upon the environment. It has already introduced an automatic monitoring system for two sinter machines’ emissions. This system will enable the Company to evaluate the efficiency of its emission reduction activities. Next year NLMK will implement the same equipment at two further sinter machines.


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