Yury Tepikin

Head of Instrumentation and Automation Unit

Yury Tepikin has 36 years of experience in the steelmaking industry. In 2014 he was named Distinguished Employee by NSMMZ. Yury joined NSMMZ in December 1978 as an instrumentation and automation technician. His first promotion was to foreman and then to deputy head of the Instrumentation and Automation Unit, and finally to head of the unit. Yury believes that working with measuring devices is very exciting, but it requires great accuracy, professionalism and good communication skills. “As I work on the shopfloor, I have to deal with a large number of people, ranging from managers to workers,” Yury said. “When I came here, we had refillable ink chart recorders with chart paper and pens that needed to be regularly replaced. I remember that my hands would be covered in ink. Now we have controllers with process visualisation at automated workstations. They are everywhere. Of course it has made our life easier: the tasks have become less physically demanding. There’s no more mechanical work. Besides, it’s more interesting for young people to work with computer programs because many of them have been using computers from early childhood.”