Our employees

NLMK Kaluga

  • Anton Kozhedubov

    Engineer with Production and Technology Department, NLMK Kaluga

    “I have been working here for four and a half years. I joined NLMK Kaluga almost immediately after getting a degree in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Production from MIS&S, so I had a good reason to apply for a job here.
  • Andrei Kulaga

    Foreman at Continuous Casting Unit, NLMK Kaluga

    “I’ve been in the steelmaking industry for 32 years. I have worked at mills in Russia, Belarus and Jordan. I studied ways to improve production efficiency at a plant in Germany.


  • Sergei Patrakov

    Instrumentation and Automation Technician, Instrumentation and Automation Unit

    After school, Sergei Patrakov entered the Revda Multidisciplinary College where he took a degree in Operation and Maintenance of Electrical and Electromechanical Equipment. When Sergei was a fourth year student, he undertook an apprenticeship at NSMMZ.
  • Yury Tepikin

    Head of Instrumentation and Automation Unit

    Yury Tepikin has 36 years of experience in the steelmaking industry. In 2014 he was named Distinguished Employee by NSMMZ.
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