Dmitry Ananyin

Head of Electrical Equipment and Automation Systems Repairs Unit, Electrical Service, Maintenance and Repairs Shop, VIZ-Steel

Dmitry Ananyin, 36, obtained a degree in Computers and Computer Systems, Complexes and Networks fr om Ural Polytechnic College, and later a degree in the same field from Ural State Technical University, wh ere he completed an on-the-job training programme. Dmitry has been working at VIZ-Steel since 2005. His guiding principle in life is to not be afraid of new things and neither forget about the past. He believes that all innovations should be based on past experience, but if something is no longer efficient then one should feel free to introduce something new. Dmitry is married and has two daughters. His hobbies include alpine skiing and traveling. “The main reason I like working at VIZ-Steel is because it is very technically advanced. I like technical equipment, especially automation systems. In the cold-rolling shop, all the pieces of equipment, including rolling mills, are controlled by automation systems. There is a special feeling you get when you watch steelmaking equipment work and know that its operation depends on you. The plant has a great amount of equipment, and therefore great opportunities for personal fulfilment; which played a decisive role in my choice of place of work. “I am confident that VIZ-Steel’s contests and training projects provide young employees with an opportunity to show what they are made of and get actively involved in managing the production process. The fact that I won the Young Leader competition in 2010 showed what I was worth; and most importantly it gave me a clear idea of my own abilities. Before the contest, I had worked as an electrician at VIZ-Steel for five years, dealing with digital equipment and all automation systems in the cold-rolling shop. I worked my shifts not aiming for a management position. During the contest, the shop received a new unit of automation equipment and I was appointed as foreman responsible for equipment repairs. It was a big step forward for my personal and professional growth. Things began to fly along and I found myself among the management. The 2013 Foreman of the Year competition was no less important: I placed second. Besides, the “battle” gave me a chance to sharpen my professional skills. Soon I was appointed Head of Electrical Equipment and Automation Systems Repairs Unit.”