Alexander Kislekov

Chief Engineer at Recovery Cogeneration Plant, Novolipetsk

Alexander Kislekov was among the winners when Novolipetsk reviewed the efficiency of innovation and improvement projects in 2014. He was part of the group whose idea had the greatest monetary impact, generating 305.5 million rubles in savings. Alexander joined Novolipetsk in 2006, during his studies for a second degree at Lipetsk State Technical University. He completed internships with various power generation operations and finally settled on the cogeneration plant. Upon graduation in 2009, he was employed as a design engineer of the cogeneration plant. In 2010 he joined a new department at the recovery cogeneration plant, where he worked as a debugging and testing engineer. He was appointed Chief Engineer in 2012. Alexander was named Best Young Professional in 2010, placed second in the companywide Engineer of the Year Awards and came first in the Lipetsk Region awards in 2014. “We will not stop there. We have more proposals, some of which I’ve created myself. They need to be brought to life, so there’s much to be done,” Alexander said.