Alexander Borodin

Head of Heating Unit, Cold-Rolling Shop, VIZ-Steel

Alexander Borodin, aged 26, has been working at the cold-rolling shop for four years. He holds a degree in Thermal Processes, Automation and Environmental Implications of Industrial Furnaces fr om the Department of Metallurgy at Ural State Technical University. His motto is, “If you want to achieve your goal, you should first know what it is.” He is fond of learning English and playing football. “My whole family worked at VIZ-Steel. My father oversaw the gas shop, wh ere my mother worked as an engineer and laboratory assistant. I decided to go into the metals industry and work at VIZ-Steel when I was a kid. I saw it as a plant that makes tangible, hi-tech products. “My life at VIZ-Steel started when I was studying: I did an internship and worked on my thesis at the first heating unit of the cold-rolling shop. After graduating, in autumn 2010, I got a job as a rolled steel and pipe heat treater in the high-temperature annealing unit. Six months later, I was promoted to shift foreman, and after one more year of work I became senior foreman of Heating Unit No. 2. In 2014 I was appointed as head of the Heating Unit. “It wasn’t easy for me, but it was natural: you have to work hard to achieve a good level of performance. My job now is to make sure we meet output and quality targets. Just like any production facility, we have had some serious situations, but we have always managed to avoid big losses thanks to the professionalism of our people.”