Our professions

NLMK Group companies employ 544 different professions. 76% of employees have received vocational training and 25% hold a degree. Over 50% of NLMK Group staff members have been with the company for more than 10 years.

The Group takes on around a thousand young professionals each year and currently employs more than 12,000 people aged below 30, which is equal to 22% of all employees.

NLMK Group provides ample opportunity for personal and professional growth. Our team’s experience and professionalism is evidenced by awards and other achievements, the number of which is constantly increasing. More than 3,000 Novolipetsk employees received awards in 2014, including 27 state awards, 5 government awards, 58 industry awards, 107 awards given by regions or cities and 3,002 corporate awards.

NLMK Group employees by function

(Russian assets)

  • 40% Steelmaking
  • 11% Mining and materials (Stoylensky)
  • 23% Maintenance, repair and operations
  • 3% Research & development
  • 24% Services, management, administration and other