Roman Borisov

Production Department Engineer, Maintenance

I have only one entry in the employment history section of my resume: Stoilensky, where I began work twenty years ago. I joined the plant as a mechanic; then I was appointed a foreman; and later became shopfloor manager. I am now a Production Department Engineer at Stoilensky’s Maintenance Division. It’s safe to say that I have gone through all the stages of my professional development here at Stoilensky. Just like for many of us here, it’s important for me to know that both my plant and NLMK Group as a whole enjoy stability. This allows me to face the future calmly and confidently. NLMK guarantees our social security and we really feel that it protects us. Another reason why I like my job is that I see the results of my work straight away. Our maintenance schedules are tight, but we are almost always able to meet them. My job is to ensure everything is ready: properly scheduling the work of maintenance teams so that everything is up to scratch and on time, with no rejects or violations. I can go home after work with my head held high as I understand that my work, just like that of thousands of other NLMK employees, is making the company better.