Management Board composition

The NLMK Group Management Board consists of 9 members. Members of the Management Board are in charge of the Group’s every-day operations. They also monitor legal entities in which NLMK holds shares or interest, directly or indirectly, or of which NLMK is a founder, participant or member.

Functions of the Management Board

  • Devising and conceptualizing the developmental steps, long-term plans and core areas of activity, and submitting them to the Board of Directors for approval

  • Deciding on the Group’s participation in other organizations in cases where the value of the acquired property is less than 2% of the Company’s asset book value

  • Developing modes of interaction between the Company and its subsidiaries and affiliates, appointment of NLMK’s representative to the governing bodies of these companies

  • Advising the NLMK Board of Directors on authorizing major and related party transactions 

  • Approving transactions involving the Company’s assets in cases where the value of the deal exceeds 10% of the Company’s asset book value